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Health Conscious is the first step to improve your health.

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We understand that the majority of the world does not have access to the highest quality resources, especially when it comes to health. Health Conscious is a platform that was created to change that. We empower people to create behavior change by bringing education and a lively community to people from all walks of life.


We offer an affordable payment structure. Instead of a fixed payment, you pay what you feel this platform is worth to you. If you cannot afford our suggested $20/month, you simply pay what you can.

We can offer this because of the support from organizations who we partner with to expand our reach around the world.

Our current partner

Healthy Intent is a culinary and nutrition educational company that provides content in forms of interactive workshops, live and online cooking classes, and a YouTube channel. Founder Natalia Levey, CNC, CHC is a chef, restaurateur, and author of Cravings Boss. Learn more at!

Why Choose our Platform?


This is the easiest way to learn and develop lifelong healthy habits.

Weekly modules make it easy for you to know what to do step-by-step.


Being around like-minded people increases your chance for success.

Our community of peers and experts will keep you encouraged and motivated.


This is the most affordable and convenient health improvement program.

We currently offer courses for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and General Health.

How it Works

  • 1. Sign up to Health Conscious and choose the program you will take.

  • 2. Start your weekly modules to begin your journey to better health.

  • 3. Engage with the community to receive wisdom, insight, and support.

  • 4. Keep going! Continue your modules to complete your 24-week course.

  • 5. Become an inspiration to others by maintaining your healthy lifestyle!

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