Health Conscious

Founders’ Message
Welcome to Health Conscious!

We’re Dr. Vim Patel, an acute care physician who’s seen every health condition imaginable, and Chitra Prasad, a wellness coach and meditation practitioner passionate about holistic health. Together, we’re on a mission to empower your health transformation.

Vim regularly saw patients who felt defeated by their health issues, often because the healthcare system didn’t offer the preventive advice or tools they needed. Meanwhile, Chitra met countless individuals eager to improve their health and mindset but were unable to find the right guidance or resources. Seeing people lose confidence over their weight, or struggle to manage conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, struck a chord with us.

Witnessing these challenges led us to a shared belief that true health care should prevent illness and foster well-being through lifestyle changes. This is why we created Health Conscious – to bridge the gap between medical care and daily wellness by bringing evidence-based lifestyle medicine directly to you.

We’re here to guide you from understanding the ‘why’ behind health issues to mastering the ‘how’ of lasting change. Join us in redefining healthcare, making it accessible, effective, and rooted in compassion.


Vim & Chitra

Dr. Vim Patel

Internal Medicine

Chitra Prasad
Wellness Coach & Meditation Practitioner

Why Choose us


Our strategies are directly drawn from cutting-edge research, endorsed by leading health organizations like the AHA and ADA, ensuring you’re on a path backed by science.

Universal Education

We’ve designed our courses to meet you where you are, respecting and adapting to diverse needs and backgrounds.


Step into a space brimming with motivation and support. Our community is here to uplift you, sharing in your challenges and celebrating your victories.

Conveniently Accessible

Get quality health education whenever you need it. Our digital platform puts control in your hands, allowing you to learn and grow on your own schedule.

Transparently Priced

High-quality health guidance shouldn’t be a luxury. Our program is affordably priced, free from long-term contracts or hidden fees, making sure it’s within reach for everyone.

Trusted and used by doctors across the country in private practices and community health centers.



Our unique blend of medical knowledge and practical wellness coaching sets us apart. We teach you the ‘Why’ behind health issues and map out the ‘How’ to tackle them, all through the lens of lifestyle medicine.

Yes! Over a hundred (literally!) board-certified physicians and wellness coaches have given our program the thumbs up, ensuring it’s not only scientifically solid but also relevant for daily life.

Anyone looking to prevent, manage, or learn more about chronic conditions, those seeking sustainable weight loss methods, and individuals aiming for overall health improvement will find our program beneficial. It’s designed to be inclusive, catering to a wide range of health goals and backgrounds.

We’re committed to making quality health education accessible to as many people as possible. By offering our top-notch program at a fair price and leveraging a user-friendly digital platform, we make sure quality health guidance is within everyone’s reach.

Our community is a supportive network of participants, health professionals, and wellness coaches, all dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and encouragement. It’s a space where everyone can learn, grow, and achieve their health goals together.