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Embrace a Holistic Path with Lifestyle Medicine

While weight loss drugs target numbers on a scale, true health transformation addresses the root causes of chronic conditions. Health Conscious empowers you to enhance medication effects or discover drug-free alternatives through evidence-based lifestyle changes.

Health Conscious, once solely accessible to healthcare professionals, is now directly available to you at an affordable price of $9.99/month.

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Access the same trusted strategies used by doctors for your health journey.

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Get started with our programs at a new, lower price, making lasting health changes more accessible.

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Integrate professional health guidance into your routine, empowering your weight loss and wellness goals.

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24-Week Journey to Wellness

Embark on a comprehensive journey focusing on nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, all tailored for effective and sustainable weight loss. This program is your guide to shedding pounds healthily, with lasting results.

Lasting Weight Loss, No Hidden Costs

Achieve and maintain your ideal weight with our 6-month program, designed to empower you with the knowledge and habits for lifelong health, without the worry of ongoing fees. Take control of your health journey, learning to live well for good.

Evidence-Based, Expert-Designed Courses

Our digital courses and health coaching sessions are developed by physicians and wellness experts, grounded in the latest research to ensure you’re receiving the most effective strategies for weight loss and health improvement.

Progress Tracking & Daily Support

Stay motivated with easy progress tracking of your weight and health metrics. Engage with our weekly educational content to enrich your understanding of a healthy lifestyle, ensuring you’re always moving forward on your journey.

Community & Personalized Support

Become part of a supportive community facing the same challenges as you. Whether you’re dealing with weight management, diabetes, or high blood pressure, our programs are customized to your needs, providing a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Embrace a healthier you, tailored to your life’s needs.
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I have become so much more aware of myself. You address the whole package here. It’s a life changing experience, really.

Diane M

Tampa, FL

The techniques you learn are eye opening and will definitely help you with how you handle stress. Learning them changed my life. 

Bill P

Tampa, FL

I never thought I would be reading about the science of exercise and enjoying it. But here I am, doing these things and feeling better than ever

Luis A

Apollo Beach, FL

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About Our Program


Combining lifestyle changes with weight loss medications not only boosts the effectiveness of these drugs but can also lead to more significant weight loss than relying on medication alone. It highlights the powerful impact of integrating healthy eating, staying active, and managing stress into your routine. Embracing these habits is crucial for lasting success and underscores the importance of a holistic approach to health and weight management.

Yes! Embracing a healthier lifestyle can significantly enhance your health metrics, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. This improvement might lead your healthcare provider to reassess your need for weight loss medications. At Health Conscious, we offer evidence-based strategies and dedicated support to guide you on this journey. Combining diet and exercise with your medication can not only boost its effectiveness but also lead to lasting health benefits. Commit to the change, and you may find yourself less dependent on medications while enjoying a healthier, more vibrant life.

Absolutely! Health Conscious is designed for everyone, regardless of whether you’re using weight loss medications. Think of Lifestyle Medicine as a golden opportunity to not just focus on weight, but to improve your entire health landscape. Whether you’re on medication or not, now is the perfect time to embrace sustainable lifestyle changes that can enhance your well-being in the long run. Our program supports all individuals in building habits that promote not just effective weight management but overall vibrant health. This approach offers a comprehensive solution to chronic conditions, viewing any period on medication as a window to elevate your health beyond the scale.

What makes us stand out is our seamless blend of Lifestyle Medicine with digital ease. Developed by health care pros, Health Conscious caters to those on medication and those preferring a natural path, alike. We equip you with everything needed for a successful health transformation.

Starting is as simple as signing up for the Health Conscious app. You’ll unlock a 24- week program tailored to infuse your routine with key elements of nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. Integrating lifestyle medicine into your life, whether to enhance or as an alternative to weight loss medication, becomes not just feasible, but also enjoyable!