Evolve Personal Health


Evolve was founded in 2015 by Dr. Vim Patel and his wife, Chitra Prasad Patel, as a much needed resource in the health space – an easily accessible resource for people to receive accurate health information, learn tools that will bring about behavior change, and understand the importance of a healthy mindset.

This perspective was brought about through the integration of their specific backgrounds - Dr. Patel as a board certified physician, health coach, and personal trainer; and Chitra as a Life Coach with an extensive background in various meditation practices.

Evolve Personal Health is a company whose initiatives stem from the philosophy that everything we do creates a ripple effect. We believe that if we inspire others to be purposeful and mindful in their daily interactions, they will naturally inspire others around them. As this continues, whole communities and populations can be reached through the simple acts of being proactive and kind. Our endeavors include the Health Conscious health improvement platform , the hosting of various community events, and the  We are Creators podcast.

Community Events

Mindfulness with Evolve

We believe that global change begins by positively improving local communities. From providing free mindfulness events at the Children's Museum to raising awareness of human trafficking with national organizations, Evolve continues to actively create opportunities for the community to become aware of the world around us.

Collaborative Workspace - 4221 W El Prado Blvd.

Panel Discussion

Our space has hosted workshops, panel discussions, nutritional demonstrations, and classes for yoga, breathwork, and meditation. We have shared our space with like-minded businesses, including massage therapists and energy healers. If you are in Tampa, we would love for you to attend a future event or stop in to visit us!