Keep your patients engaged and motivated.

EDUCATION Trusted sources

Better health literacy creates better outcomes. We begin the foundational understanding of health improvement through educational videos and group coaching sessions with certified CDC lifestyle change coaches.

Trusted sources
AWARENESS Improved mindset

Our program is not limited to diet and exercise. The introspective focus helps your patients find solutions to the root cause of their challenges and stress. We help your patients understand and implement easy-to-follow behaviors.

Simple action steps

Opportunities to share insight and learn from others through a Q&A forum and weekly coaching will keep your patients motivated and engaged.

Keep connected
BEHAVIOR CHANGE Sustainable progress

Our goal is to make lifelong changes that take place by building upon healthy habits over time. These are not short-term gains; they lead to long-lasting behavior development.

Sustainable change
Finally. An affordable resource to give your patients ongoing support and reduce your team's workload.

Health Conscious is a digital wellness program that can be used by any health care provider to complement in-house services.

  • Give your patients:

  • Accessibilitythrough a web and mobile app available any time.
  • Accountabilityfrom our coaches and the Health Conscious community.
  • Confidenceas they learn and implement proven techniques every week.

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We partner with all providers including health centers, ACOs, and private practices.