A comprehensive wellness solution for all employers.


92% of workers in the lowest 25th percent wage category do not have access to health care insurance or benefits from their employer.

Chronic conditions

5 of the 10 most costly physical health conditions for US employers are related to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

improve your health

Work stress is the most leading workplace health problem, ranking above physical inactivity and obesity.


Time constraints are the most common reason that employees do not take advantage of workplace wellness programs.

Convenient technology. Engaged community. Affordable solution.

Health Conscious is an accessible platform for companies to effectively improve the lives of their workforce.

  • Empower your employees to:

  • Improve their mindset and develop resiliencethrough learning stress management techniques.
  • Make progress on their timewith our easy-to-use, convenient platform.
  • Stay connected and maintain progresswith regular community coaching sessions.

It's easy for companies of all sizes to partner with us. We help you with every step of the process.


Identifying and reaching out to employees who will most benefit


Engaging and retaining participants


Sharing reports on your employees' progress as a group

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